Episode 18

Shut Up, Steve Kerr


July 26th, 2019

1 hr 5 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

It's an "Ask Anything Thursday" when the boys record, so we've got lots of listener questions to get through! First, the guys discuss the comments that Steve Kerr made about Anthony Davis forcing a trade and going to play with Lebron. Moose and Ben seem to agree quite a bit in this episode, and Nate is a little put off by it. Then, the guys discuss the trade deadline situation in the MLB, who the best shortstop is (for some reason we only mention SS in the AL?), and what teams could be buying and selling come this next Wednesday. The guys then open it up to questions from the audience. You can send your questions into Podcasts@StoveLeg.com if you'd like to be on the next AAT segment. Moose hasn't seen a classic movie, Ben thinks his car looks like a spaceship, and Nate really doesn't like a certain breed of dog. Everything you'd expect and a little bit more from your favorite three bozos on the eighteenth episode of Everyone Has A Sports Podcast! Leave a 5 star review! Tell your friends!

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