Episode 2

The Window of Fertility


March 29th, 2019

46 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

Things we talked about: The guys discuss their bracket bet from episode one, and it isn't looking too rosy for two thirds of the show, especially for Nate. Discussions begin about the biggest surprises of the tournament's first two rounds, mostly about UCF nearly taking down the Blue Devils. Moose reminds Nate about Johnny Dawkins' impressive playing career, and Ben has a strong take on Tacko Fall's future transition to professional basketball. The gang probably talked a little too much about Duke, but they balanced it out with some discussion about the only team as insufferable as the Durham Blue Devils: the Kentucky Wildcats.

Gronk is gone, and that sums up most of what we talk about during the NFL segment of the show, baseball is back (but we won't dive into that until the Yankee's are 0-6 by next Friday), and the NBA portion of the show centers around broken bones and the MVP race. The fellahs take questions from the audience, and they give their recommendations for the week!

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