Episode 37

Nate's Tin Foil Hat


December 13th, 2019

50 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

Episode 37 of Everyone Has A Sports Podcast! On the show, Nate, Ben, and Moose discuss the big Cole Train that is coming to the Bronx (mostly Nate and Moose). is Bengalgate 2019 a real thing? After trying to explain the MLB luxury tax to Ben, Nate breaks out the conspiracy theory side of his brain about the Patriot's film crews. Ben is super happy to see the Louisville Cardinals lose their first game of the season, and thinks that his Kentucky Wildcats might have a December to remember. Is the B1G the best conference in college basketball? Is Dayton legit? Number one seed Patrick will take on Stove Leg Co-Founder Rick Childers after Rick walloped Benny, and Nate is going to take on Mrs. Piercefield (Ben setting her lineup) in the final four of the Fracas. Can Rick pull off the EHASP Special? Thursday Night's Raven's game is going to be a good bellweather for the rest of the semi's. The guys wrap up the show with a chat about what they want for Christmas. (Also, if you're thinking about getting Nate anything, he really wants a cheese grater/slicer). Thanks for listening! Be sure to write in your topics for our Best of the Decade topics!