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Join Benny (the trumpeter), Cody (the moose), and Nate (the great?) for their conversations about sports, gambling, video games, and beers- lots of beers.

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  • Episode 4: The Mitt Romney Factor

    April 12th, 2019  |  55 mins 27 secs

    Things we talked about:

    On episode 4 of the show, the guys discuss their WrestleMania 35 experiences, which comprised of Nate watching a highlight reel of who won and reading one article from Forbes that made him seem knowledgeable on the topic. Ben has a cold, and is driving to Virginia with Nate this weekend. It snowed again in Maine, and Moose isn't too pleased with it. The guys also discuss their previous spicy bet, and who ended up winning (not even close, tbh). Ben describes his long-term resentment for D-Wade, and Moose makes a strong argument for who is better between Wade and Dirk. Then, for fun, we break down all of the first round NBA playoff matches, and sprinkle a little hockey in there too. Ben talks more G.O.T., Moose has another cooking show for you to watch, and Nate discusses Spotify Sessions covers.

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  • Episode 3: Kareem Abul Jabbar

    April 5th, 2019  |  56 mins 19 secs
    amateur, college hoops, march madness, mlb, nba, ncaa, nfl, sports, sports podcast, wrestlemania, wwe

    Things We Talked About: Who is going to do the egg shot now that everyone's bracket is busted? Nate reveals that he knows very little about the NBA, and some of it's greatest players, and Ben reveals that he knows very little about the MLB, or how to pronounce Red's CF Scott Schebler's name. The guys discuss the biggest surprises through the first week of the MLB, including how the Marlin's stadium is normal(?) now, and that the Red Sox are getting off to a very slow start.

    Then, the gentlemen have their NBA all time top-5 revealed, and Moose suggests that they make another edible wager. Then, media recommendations! Hopefully Nate and Ben don't blow all of their money (what money?) at the horsetrack this weekend!

  • Episode 2: The Window of Fertility

    March 29th, 2019  |  46 mins 37 secs
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    Things we talked about: The guys discuss their bracket bet from episode one, and it isn't looking too rosy for two thirds of the show, especially for Nate. Discussions begin about the biggest surprises of the tournament's first two rounds, mostly about UCF nearly taking down the Blue Devils. Moose reminds Nate about Johnny Dawkins' impressive playing career, and Ben has a strong take on Tacko Fall's future transition to professional basketball. The gang probably talked a little too much about Duke, but they balanced it out with some discussion about the only team as insufferable as the Durham Blue Devils: the Kentucky Wildcats.

    Gronk is gone, and that sums up most of what we talk about during the NFL segment of the show, baseball is back (but we won't dive in until the Yankee's are 0-6 by next Friday), and the NBA portion of the show centers around broken bones and the MVP race. The fellahs take questions from the audience, and they give their recommendations for the week!

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  • Episode 1: Keep Benny To the Putt-Putt

    March 19th, 2019  |  38 mins 44 secs
    amateur, antonio brown, average guys, average joes, baseball, basketball, cinderella story, egg shots, everyone has a sports podcast, fast podcasts, final four, final four picks, football, horseracing, independent podcasting, leveon bell, march madness, nascar, ncaa, netflix, odell beckham jr, quick listens, racing, sports, sports show, sports talk, stove leg, talk radio, trumpet, vontez burfict, wrestling

    Things we talked about:
    -Welcome to the first episode of Everyone Has A Sports Podcast

    • Introducing Nate, BP, and Moose -March Madness (Duh) -Punishment for the loser of the EHASP Bracket Challenge -Egg/Coffee Ground Shots -The Guy's Final Four Picks -Sleepers -A smidge of NFL talk -OBJ to Cleveland -Burfict is gone from Cincinnati -AB to the Raiders/ Bell to the Jets -Some watchable suggestions

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